Health and Safety

It is the policy of PJS Home Improvements to develop a health and safety culture throughout the organisation which is committed to the prevention of injuries and ill health of our employees, sub-contractors and other people who may be affected by our work activities and to prevent any damage or loss to property, plant and equipment. This will be achieved and maintained by involving all levels of employees in systematically identifying workplace hazards, making adequate assessments and providing the resources to take the appropriate steps to control associated risks.

People are our key sources and we believe that excellent health and safety standards will contribute towards their development and lead to a excellent business performance. Accordingly we should support quality initiatives aimed at continuous improvement of our management systems, in which the Health And Safety objectives are regarded by all an integral part of our overall business goals.

The company recognise their legal responsibility for Health and Safety standards. Accordingly the directors have overall responsibility for policy formulation, development and implementation. The company considers that Health and Safety legislation provides only minimum standards and will seek continually to improve upon the legal requirements.

We will establish and maintain an organisational structure with clearly defined responsibilities for individuals in the effective control of health and safety and will actively promote employee participation in the establishment observance measures to improve their health and safety at work. We will ensure that all employees are informed about the policy and arrangements for carrying it out we will consult with them on implementation and the individual health and safety responsibilities. All employees will be provided with appropriate training and will undergo CSCS testing so that they can fulfil the health and safety responsibilities allocated to them. The principle operational responsibility for health and safety and for implementing this policy ultimately lies with all levels of line management. We will continually monitor and measure health and safety performance to ensure that the standards are being met and management controls are working.