About PJS - Who We Are

David Proud, designer of the thermo light roof

David Proud is a dedicated professional joiner with over 24 years experience, and is the original designer of the Thermolite Roof. David has had contracts with Rok Construction, Dorin Construction, Mansel Construction and Derwentside Homes.

David is passionate about his work and is dedicated in helping potential new customers transform their homes at a fraction of the cost of moving house

In 2009 David came up with the idea whilst sitting in his own conservatory of transforming conservatories into a more habitable room which could be used all year round.

David sourced all the best materials on the market and used his own conservatory as the prototype for the internal insulation conversions.

David leads a team of joiners, all experienced time serviced who are very professional in their roles and are dedicated at producing good quality craftsmanship.