Conservatory Roof Insulation System Faqs

Q. Will I lose much head height after the system has been installed?

A. No, the system will only add an extra 2&1/4inches [60mm] onto your existing ceiling which won’t be noticeable to a standard conservatory roof.

Q. Does the new system require building regulation approval?

A. No, all conservatories are exempt from building regulation approval. There will be no structural work added to your existing conservatory ceiling.

Q. How long does the entire process take?

A. A maximum of 4 days.
Day 1 - Installation of the system
Day 2 - plastering the ceiling
Day 3 - Full day drying
Day 4 - painting the ceiling

Q. Will my conservatory look different?

A. Externally it will look exactly the same. Internally, the roof becomes a solid plasterboard ceiling, retaining the slope and profile of the existing roof.

Q. What about condensation?

A. There will be no condensation due to the hidden vents, which is part of the full installation. This will allow cross ventilation preventing the possibility of condensation forming.

Q. Will I lose any light after the system is fitted?

A. On average, there is about a minimum 5% loss of light.

Q. I have a light hanging in my conservatory. Will I have to remove it?

A. No, we will simply install the new system and ceiling around any light fittings.

Q. What if my conservatory is more than 10 years old and roof leaks from time to time?

A. As part of the full installation we check your roof over and fix any part of it before we commence with our system.