Conservatory Roof Insulation System Testimonials

From start to finish we couldn't fault the lads or the workmanship. The conservatory is now a much more usable space and looks amazing from inside and out. The attention to detail and the plaster finish is second to none, we are extremely please with the finished result. So far it has been used pretty much constantly, in fact it's a rush to be the first one in to switch the television on and stake their claim! Can't imagine what we did for space when we just couldn't use it as it was too uncomfortable temperature wise. We're absolutely thrilled to bits.

Mr & Mrs Borlace, Whickham

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the conservatory ceiling which you and the 'boys' fitted in February. I'm sure it has helped to keep the conservatory warmer on cold nights and has definitely helped to keep it cooler during the last week or so of really warm days. While it still gets hot it hasn't been unbearable like it used to be, so roll on the summer as I feel I'll get more use out of my conservatory now it has a solid ceiling. I am very happy with the upvc cladding and think it will be very easy to keep clean, much better than having to paint a plaster ceiling.

I was very impressed with the standard of work and the fact that you left no mess for me to clear up. It was a good job, well done, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend PJS Home Improvements to other customers.

Mr & Mrs Philipson, Leadgate

We got our conservatory roof system fitted on 16/2/2012 and in the 6 weeks since, we have had outside temperatures from -5 degrees to +25 degrees. When it was cold outside our conservatory remained warm and cosy inside so we now don't worry about our fuel bills as much.

With the unusually high temperatures we are having right now, our conservatory has been warm inside but not unbearable due to our new roof reflecting the heat back out.

Over all we are very happy with our conservatory now and for what it cost us we definitely feel we have a new room and would recommend the system to anybody.

Mr & Mrs Oaks, Newton Hall, Durham

After removing our conservatory doors in order for it to become a larger open space with our kitchen, we immediately noticed that the temperature dramatically dropped due to the cold coming from the conservatory. After a sharp rise in our heating bill due to this we decided to look into having our conservatory roof insulated and on recommendation from a friend we contacted PJS Home Improvements for a quote. We are now 3 days after the job has taken place and what a difference this has made already. Our conservatory is now significantly warmer and useable even on cold evenings. From giving us the quote to completion of the job PJS were professional, prompt and helpful. We are very happy with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thanks, you have now made our conservatory part of our home all year round.

Mr & Mrs Robley, Flinthill

We can't believe the difference it has made to our lives, the room is now being used all the time. It holds the heat great and we get the sun all day long and that horrible glare is a thing of the past. Thanks for a great quality job Dave

Mr & Mrs Leadbitter, Consett

We are amazed at the difference we are finding, not only has the temperature risen very noticably and we are using the room far more than previously, but the thing that pleases us even more and what we were not expecting quite so much, is the noise suppression - the clatter of rain on the plastic outer roof has become almost inaudible and the necessity to remove ourselves to another room during bad weather is a thing of the past. We feel as if we have a new room!

I must thank you again for the installation which was done both professionally & politely, & we appreciated being involved at each stage; there was also minimal disruption & all rubbish was neatly gathered up & disposed of - a great job, money well spent!

Mr & Mrs Scott, Lanchester, Co Durham

We were very satisfied with the excellent workmanship carried out by David and the team from PJS Home Improvements to our conservatory. For several years we have shopped around for a system which would enable us to use our conservatory all year round. At last - satisfaction! Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Caygill, Sunniside

Our conservatory is now a very useable room and part of the house following many years of it being just an expensive waste of space. Since PJS Home Improvements installed the internal ceiling we have experienced a hugh reduction in traffic noise as well as a reduction in noise from wind and rain. The conservatory is now warm and cosy as the roof is excellent at keeping in the heat.

Dave and his team offer an outstanding level of service at the best price we could find anywhere in the country. Their standard of workmanship is outstanding. They are great fun to have around and clean as they go. We have also experienced a high level of follow up from them to ensure everything was ok. Highly recommended.

Martin & Julie Anne Craven, Wirral

The Problem

After another cold wet winter I decided that the conservatory was a waste of space! Hot in the summer cold in the winter. We only got around 6 months usage out of 12 months! Not good enough, so I decided to do some research into systems on the market that would keep the heat in during the colder months and keep cool during the summer period.

After trailing around various conservatory manufacturers and trawling the internet I was drawing a blank. Nothing seemed to be ideal – until I came across the PJS Insulating System – even then I was very sceptical of their claims.

So I contacted this local firm, PJS Home Improvements in Annfield Plain, to discuss their system in further detail. It was looking good but I was not totally convinced and they offered to provide reference installations carried out in the Tyne and Wear area. On viewing these installations my wife and I were impressed with the quality of workmanship therefore we decided to proceed.

The solution

We placed an order with PJS in early March and the installation was carried out 3 weeks later over a 2 day period, with a follow up visit about 1 week later to paint the ceiling.

Having lived with the insulation system for the last 8 weeks, incorporating all 4 seasons of British weather, we are more than pleased with the results.

First and foremost the work was carried out in a very professional and tidy manner with top class tradesmen who were polite and kept us informed at all stages. The finished product is very impressive and the conservatory now has the feel of being another room and not just an extension. The intense heat at the end of March this year did not impact on the conservatory comfort level and the heavy April showers could barely be heard. The cold evenings in May were no problem as a little heat from a small radiator provided good comfort and it was contained within the room for long periods thanks to the new insulation. Also, one of my main concerns about reduced light to our adjoining dining room was not an issue. No difference, well perhaps 5% less but nothing that you would notice.

In short, a job well done and a big problem solved at a reasonable price. We are looking forward to using our conservatory all year round from now on.

Some day all conservatories will be made this way! Many thanks to PJS.

Mr & Mrs Proctor, Whickham

Dear Dave & Micky

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done in installing our insulated conservatory ceiling.

Your team of fitters were conscientious, considerate and courteous and the whole job was completed with the minimum of mess or disruption.

Before the work was done we could only use the conservatory for a few months each year and we felt that it was such a waste of a nice space. Now we have a beautiful room we can enjoy all year round.

Thank you again

Mr & Mrs Elsdon, Templetown, Consett

Our conservatory is our dining room, and even with a radiator in, during the winter it was still very cold and expensive to heat; during the summer it was too hot even with all the windows and the door fully open.

The system installed by PJS has now solved the problems. In the coldest months of the winter the conservatory was noticeably warmer and pleasant to use. During the recent warm spell with only one small window open, the conservatory was very comfortable to sit in. An added bonus which we did not expect, was the lack of any condensation on the inside of the windows with very little or no need at all to switch on the dehumidifier unit on. On the hottest day, over 20C recently, I even did the ironing in the conservatory something I have never been able to do in the twelve years since it was built. The amazing is that all of the above has been achieved with no noticeable loss of light at all.

We are absolutely delighted with the high quality of the workmanship and the product and have no hesitation in recommending the system and PJS Home Improvements.

Mr & Mrs Hodgson, Consett

We have a South facing conservatory which we found far too bright and hot in the summer, so we decided to look for a solution. There were a couple of option we found :-

• Roof blinds – quite expensive, doesn’t exclude all of the light and they need replacing after five years or so.
• Replace roof with conventional roof. Very expensive and disruptive – may also need planning permission.
• Not possible to replace roof panels with solid panels.
• Mirror film – would reduce some of the light but would look industrial.

What we wanted was a cost effective solution that would make the conservatory roof look like a solid vaulted ceiling. Imagine our delight when we heard about the system provided by PJS which offered the very thing we were looking for.We found that the work was carried out within schedule and reasonably priced. It has converted our conservatory to look like a “proper” room. The vaulted ceiling creates a spacious feeling with atmosphere.

We were originally a little worried about possible light loss but we have found that it has been minimal. The room is bright and cosy. What we were delighted to discover was that the room was not only warmer but quieter. The insulation and the boarding has reduced the noise from the roof itself and from outside.

We believe that this system is a realistic solution to changing your conservatory from an occasional room to an everyday room; one that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Mr & Mrs Bordan, Consett

Just wanted to say thank you for a great product. The team were very friendly and professional and did the job in one day, nothing was too much trouble and everything was left and clean and tidy. It makes the conservatory a lot lighter and we get a lot of use out of it and sit in it till late evening it now feels like another room in the house.

Mr & Mrs Lumley, Consett

We are delighted with the result. Our conservatory has been transformed into a room that can be used all year round. It was fitted quickly and professionally.

Mr & Mrs Troughton, Newcastle