Benefits Of The Conservatory Roof Insulation System

Our Conservatory Roof Insulation System has many benefits that will turn your conservatory into a usable living space 365 days of the year.

Peace of mind

Our Conservatory Roof Insulation System is the best system on the market and offered at an excellent price. Feel safe in the knowledge that as soon as you have it installed then you will notice the results. The temperature in your conservatory will be make you want to use it every day of the year, be that a new dining area, an office space or the children's playroom. Conservatory climate control is now only a phonecall away.

In Winter, it will feel much, much warmer [100% increase] and in Summer it will be much cooler [75% decrease]. With the additional insulation, you will also have no ceiling glare and dramatically reduced any rain noise.

Benefits of the Conservatory Roof Insulation System


Quick installation turnaround

Our professional team at PJS will complete the installation of the system in a time frame 1-4 days and with the minimum of disruption [installing the system to plastering, skimming, drying, then finally painting].

There will be no structural work or building regulation approval required to your existing conservatory ceiling. After the system fitting, internally, the roof becomes a solid plasterboard ceiling, retaining the slope and profile of the existing roof. Externally it will look exactly the same. 

Good for the environment

With you new system fitted, there won't be any need to turn up the central heating as you did before as no heat will be escaping from your conservatory. All the warmth will be trapped in the area you need it most. This is mean reduced energy bill which then means a more reduced carbon footprint. You could say a Conservatory Roof Insulation System from PJS Home Improvements is good for the planet!


All PJS conversatory roof internal insulation are guaranteed for 5 years and 10 years for all full converted insulation systems.